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Youth Perspectives on STEM Education, Career Choices, and Influencers in Atlantic Canada

Executive Report - Phase 1  - Released Jan. 2014

Executive Report - Phase 2 (All Atlantic Provinces) - Released Nov. 2016

Phase 2 Reports by Province: please email if you would like a specific province report.

Engineering Supplement


About the Study:

The goals of this study, which focused on junior high school students, was to understand how engaged they were in math and science, their future intention for study, and the likelihood that they would consider a STEM career down the road. Research also addressed students’ knowledge of how relevant science and math were across various types of careers. Gender and grade differences, and influencers on science and math study, were also examined.

Students in Grades 7 and 9 completed an online survey during school hours, supervised by teachers and staff. The sample was collected in two iterations, with the first sample collected in 2012-13 and the second in 2014-15. Data was collected from students in all four Atlantic provinces. The research design allowed comparisons of student cohorts from Grades 7 and 9, while also providing a large sample of junior high school students from across the Atlantic region. Data was weighted by grade and province of origin to control for sample variation across grades and provinces. A total of 1,448 surveys were completed.

Team Members:

Dr. Tamara Franz-Odendaal, Department of Biology and NSERC Chair Women in Science and Engineering, (Atlantic Region), Mount Saint Vincent University

Dr. Karen Blotnicky, Department of Business and Tourism, Mount Saint Vincent University

Dr. Fred French, Department of Education, Mount Saint Vincent University

Phillip Joy, Department of Applied Human Nutrition, Mount Saint Vincent University

Survey team at the research sharing event, January 23, 2014.


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