SSTAR Sponsorship

Shifting Systems Today for the Advancement & Retention of Women in Science

The NSERC Atlantic Chair for Women in Science and Engineering Program, WISEatlantic, is committed to the advancement and retention of women in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) professions. To foster this commitment, the WISEatlantic program is offering annual sponsorship to individuals to host an event or workshop targeted towards graduate students and/or post-docs in Science programs in Atlantic Canada.

Amount of Sponsorship

Up to maximum of $1,500

Applicant Eligibiliy

To be eligible to receive SSTAR sponsorship funds, the applicant must be an undergraduate, graduate student or post-doc in a Science field OR a faculty member from an Atlantic Canadian Academic Institution. The event or workshop must have a clear theme for the advancement and/or retention of female graduate students or post-docs in Science.

Examples of Eligible Events

How to Apply

Fill-out the application [FOUND HERE] and submit in [.pdf] form to This is an on-going application, meaning there is no deadline, however funds are limited.

Please note that after the event, the applicant will be expected to submit a maximum one-page summary of the event, further details will be provided to successful applicants. Successful applicants are expected to include the WISEatlantic logo and/or social media handles on all advertising material, and are expected to acknowledge WISEatlantic support at the event.

If you have any questions about this sponsorship, please email

Examples of Funded Initiatives: