Partnerships Program

WISEatlantic Partnerships Program

The WISEatlantic Partnerships Program is an opportunity for community organizations in Atlantic Canada to apply for small one-year sponsorships for new activities and/or projects that promote the outreach, recruitment, and retention of under-represented individuals in science, technology, engineering or math (STEM). Preference will be given to projects that target girls+ or women+ in STEM. The intention of the funding is to help establish or expand programs, and it is expected that projects have a plan for continuation after WISEatlantic Partnerships Program funding ends. Projects will only be funded once. Submissions in subsequent years must be fundamentally different from previously funded projects. Organizations may apply for a 1 year sponsorship of up to $4000 for new projects. The overall funding pool is limited, so it is anticipated that we may not be able to fund all projects, or may not be able to fund projects at the requested level. If receiving less funding than you applied for will cause the project to be cancelled or significantly modified, please include details in your proposal.


To be eligible to receive funds, an organization must either be a non-profit organization with a registration number that is recognized in the Atlantic region, an educational institution, or have an affiliation with either a non-profit group or educational institution. We are unable to transfer funds to individuals or organizations that do not meet these guidelines. Please note that the WISEatlantic Partnerships Program generally supports programs with a broad impact. Funding for teams, participation in conferences, and other individual pursuits is not permissible.

Criteria for Selection

How to Apply:

Phase 1: Abstract & Budget – Due October 21, 2022

Phase 2: Project Pitch & Abstract Feedback – November 4, 2022

Phase 3: Final Application Submission – Due November 30, 2022

Phase 4: Funding Decision Announcement – December 12, 2022

Phase 5: Program Reporting – Due May 12, 2023

The next round of applications will be accepted starting September 16, 2022